CLE Individual Paper

This was my individual paper for the 1st Quarter. It`s all about what I have learned about the Bible, and the Creation Stories.

CLE Position Paper

In Xavier School, responsibility has always been promoted. It has always been the focus of teachers in the school. Constantly reminding us that we have to act responsible to avoid problems (green slips, status etc.). These constant reminders have had some success because some of my classmates have changed a little, becoming more responsible in school and also in the real world. Though some had changed, others did not, which lead to some pressing values in the school. Some of them include: forgetting their materials in the locker, not doing their homework, late submission of requirements (reply slips, green slips, homework etc.), not studying well enough for tests and depending on others to do the work (this comes in when it is usually a group project). We need to promote this value because it will help us fulfill the given mission of God to us, it will help us to become independent and also help others become responsible for themselves.

Responsibility can be related to the Creation Stories and the fall of man (Genesis 1-3). In both of the Creation stories, God gave us the responsibility to be stewards of His creation. He gave us everything we needed to do this; the capacity to think, invent and feel, our hands to do extra ordinary things and the ability to take care of ourselves if have that mindset. That is why we should take care of it and use them properly not only for ourselves, but for the entire Christian community. In the fall of man, God gave us the responsibility to obey everything He says. Therefore in life, we should always try our best to obey every rule He has given. Though sometimes we commit sin, it is natural since nobody is perfect. There are challenges that are present and said in these Creation Stories; being more responsible on using God’s creation (saving water, electricity following the 3R’s [Reuse, Reduce and Recycle] etc.), being more responsible in our school work since it helps us understand God’s mission and if we start now, it helps us in the future (since we are already used to it) and it helps us practice what God wants of us, stewards of His creation.

With responsibility, the issues in school can be resolved. If the students can be responsible, they remember to bring their needed materials, submit their requirements, do their homework and have the ability to contribute in any group activity. The school community can respond to this in many ways, but it has to start from us, the students. We, the students, have to give the effort to become responsible in anything we do. Without us having the mindset to become more responsible, the school’s efforts will have no effect on us. The school also has to have an effort to teach us ways on how to become more responsible. They can set up more programs that can be more appealing to students, the teachers can remind the students from time to time about responsibility; closing the lights, projector; the door (when the air conditioning is turned on) etc. These little things help preserve God’s creation by not contributing to global warming. In the Xavier community, responsibility is shown in many ways; throwing trash the in proper bin, helping faculty and staff, listening to what the teacher says (submitting on time, bringing proper materials etc.) and when we ourselves are being responsible for the actions we have done. For the students we could, at the end of each day, say all of our quizzes, deadlines and materials needed to bring on the following day. For the teachers, we students can remind the teachers about what we learned on the last meeting so that we can always be on the right track. For the administration, they can give out circulars from time to time so that us students will be reminded about responsibility.

The message I want to relay is that: “Responsibility is one of the major values that our school wants to promote, and it has to start from us students. Though not all of us may want to live this out, it is still a challenge given to us by the school. Responsibility can be done in little ways; cleaning the table that we used during lunch break, cooperating with the teachers, turning off the lights and the fans when not inside the classroom, the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), not cheating during tests, resisting temptation and many more. I hope that at the end of the school year, you will respond to this challenge. I believe that you can do much more than what I have previously said. Practice responsibility in your own ways, be it in school or in the real world.”


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