English Draft

This was my English Composition for the 1st Quarter. It`s all about a very important but grueling experience that taught me a lot.



In our generation now, each household has at least one “yaya”. They do all our work for us; laundry, cleaning the house and preparing our food. Not all people have experienced living in another country to study and without a “yaya”. I have experienced this, and let me tell you that it’s not a walk in the park. It’s easier said than done.

In school we had this program called “XCE”, which stands for Xavier China Experience. This program will take you to Guangzhou, China to study for six weeks. There are no “yayas”, parents and all the comforts of home, which are the depressing parts of this program. I thought that this would be a very easy and fun experience, but I thought wrong, it was the exact opposite.

Arriving at Guangzhou, we had a one hour ride to the campus. Once we arrived at the building where we were staying in, we were assigned our roommates. After that, we went to our dorms to put our stuff there. When I got to the dorm, I was in complete shock. The room was half the size of a regular classroom, the toilet was not separated with the shower and there was very limited space. I went down the dorm and to the canteen to eat dinner. After eating, I heard more bad news. We were told that the laundry machine was broken and unavailable to use for two weeks, the food choice was limited and would almost stay the same for the whole stay and we would have to clean our own room. In my mind, I was thinking: “Lord, take me out of this misery.”. For the first few weeks, I was really devastated because I did not do anything right, I couldn’t wash my clothes properly, I missed my family, I didn’t like the food and I was lazy to clean my room, but after sometime, I was able to adjust and do everything smoothly. I realized that everything in the room was dirty; the bed was full of food crumbs, which was attracting ants, the floor was full of dirt from the outside and my clothes had many stains on it. After seeing this, I took the initiative to go to our supervisor, Mr. Conrad Ortiz, to teach me how to clean my clothes, the room and everything else. After that session with him, I learned how to do things my own in China and make everything move smoothly again.

In the end, I learned much from China. I learned to be independent, become more responsible, the importance of “yayas” and how hard they work in order to make everything in the house work smoothly. I appreciated this experience very much because it opened my eyes and made me realize some of the things we take for granted in life. I also challenge you to live six weeks without the comforts of home.


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