Ways to save Water

Hey guys! This is a new work I did in school. It`s all about how to save water as a community, and in your own house. I gave an example in number 1 about a huge company that is also trying to save water. Since I live in the Philippines, we had a recent water shortage. This is why the school decided to give a homework about it. Enjoy!!!!
1. SM Prime Holdings, owner of the largest network of shopping malls in the country, has started a campaign that reduces the use of water by 1,000 tons a year. They replaced the traditional urinals with Falcon Water-free urinals. SM targets to save up to 250 million liters of water every year. At present, 24 out of 28 SM malls are using the water-free urinals (that is an estimated 2,205 models).
2. Based on the household consumption, the water used when cleaning is the most (especially when washing the car). We can save more water by not using our water to wash the car especially when it is rainy season. During the rainy season, we can just let the rain wash the car and when the rain is over, we can just wipe it. But during the non-rainy season, we can wash the car at least once a week (twice at the most) instead of of washing it everyday. We use an estimated 3 gallons of water for our 3 cars.
3. As a whole community, we can just use one glass of drinking water for the day. In my community, each person uses 4 glasses each day for drinking. One for each meal of the day, and the other one used for eating a snack. Instead of using 4 glasses, we can just use 1 glass per person. This will help lessen the number of glasses we have to wash in a day, therefore saving water. The whole country can do this, even the less fortunate.
Source: Interview with the townhouse residences

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