Blog #1: Innovation

Education has changed over the years. The method of teaching, the materials needed to teach, and the tools used by the students to learn have all changed. And all of these changes are due to innovation. In the early months of 2011,  Xavier School has announced that High 2 students will start using Macbooks for classes. And due to this project, it will revolutionize the whole feel of the classroom.


Right after the announcement, we already know that the aura of the classroom has changed. Students felt excited about the idea of using laptops in the classroom. Even before the students got the laptops, their attitude changed. Suddenly, they had more enthusiasm to go to school and study. The students who were very quiet, suddenly became more vocal saying that they were really excited to use the computers. This was because they were tired of copying notes with pen and paper, and aspire to use a different method which was the usage of laptops.


Currently, we are in the second month of using our Macbooks in class. Before, we used to hear the clicking of ballpens and the papers being flipped from one page to another. Now though, we hear the constant typing of the keyboard whenever we use the Macs. Another aspect that is changing is the behavior in class since when we have questions, we can just immediately search the answers on the web.


In the future, we do not know what will change. There are a lot of uncertainty about this project. If this project hinders the productivity of the students, they might cancel the project. We don’t know what the future holds, and we just hope for the best.


This is a big leap not only for the school, but also for the students. This is a new approach to learning, and this might shape the way of teaching in the world. These laptops are things for learning, and are a very useful tool for the present, and for the future.


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