A New Experience: SOP Blog #1 (01/07/12)

When we had our orientation early in the school year, the school was introducing a new program to us called the Saturday Outreach Program, or SOP in short. They had mentioned that it would start this school year, but no definite date yet. Come December, the school said that the H2 would have their SOP during the month of January. It only felt like a few days until January came, and here it is now; a new and exciting experience was about to unfold starting today.


Being in the class of H2B, we decided to have our SOP at Manila Boys Town, specifically to boys aged 7-9. When we arrived there, we settled in, and introduced ourselves to the kids that were in front of us. They were really excited that we came, and I myself was also excited. After introduction, the kids were asked to pick their kuya would be, and after only three seconds, a kid came rushing up to me; his name was Marvin Julia.


Spending the day with Marvin was a really new experience. He was 8 years old and is a very energetic kid. Around 50% of the time I was with him, he was running around and doing a lot of stuff: coloring, playing, but his favorite thing to do would be jogging (in my opinion). I was jogging with him throughout all the time I was with him outside. I was already kind of tired, but he still went on! I really admired Marvin for his stamina and being energetic. After jogging and playing outside, we went back to the house and ate some merienda consisting of Zesto Juice and Hansel crackers. I was really happy since these simple food that was presented to them already made them very happy! After that, we played some more and sadly, it was time to say goodbye.


After the time with Marvin and other kids, I reflected on what happened. I learned that I am really lucky to have parents and to live in a house that makes me comfortable. I saw the room that the kids were sleeping in, and it was really different from what we have. Second, I learned that even if life is hard, one can still be happy. Looking at the condition of living that the kids in Manila Boys Town had, I realized that even the smallest things can make them happy (despite, again, how they are living). Just letting the kids color and just playing with them really made them happy. You can see the smiles on their faces that they really appreciated us spending some time with them. The last thing I learned was that God works in mysterious ways. He let things happen to us for a reason, even though we can’t figure it out. I believe that God let this happen to me so that I can learn how to appreciate my life right now, and to open my eyes to the conditions of the people less fortunate than me, and to always be thankful for everything I have.


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