SOP BLOG #2 (Week 3)

The week before, I was not able to experience the SOP since I was sick. In my relation to my state of being sick, I was also unable to attend EDSOR, which is very disappointing on my part. Nevertheless, this week, I would have no excuses to not attend the SOP, and I greatly enjoyed the experience. 


Arriving at the destination, I was able to see my partner, Marvin, again. He told me last week that it was Kuya Noel who had taken care of him last week, and I thanked Noel for that. During that time, we just played soccer and sports outside. I was surprised to see that Marvin was very good at playing soccer, considering he is only 8 years old. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him since we were playing outside the whole day, and was not boring just by staying at their house; doing various activities. It was really tiring since Marvin is a very energetic and sporty boy and I had to take care of him since he was my responsibility. I felt very tired after the playing, but it was all worth it since I saw the smile on his face at the end. Towards 11:00am, we had a party for Pattan since it was his birthday. We had hotdogs, noodles and some orange juice and all the kids enjoyed them. It was really heartwarming since simple foods, like hotdogs, could bring such happiness to the kids. 


I learned that spending time with the kids and by being around them are very good enough to make them happy. Just like the kids of a family, the kids just want their parents to spend time with them and be around them, and this would make them happy. I now know the meaning of what kids want from their parents, by experiencing being a child, and becoming like a “parent” in the Saturday’s SOP with Marvin. 


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