Last SOP (1/28/12)

Last January 28 was the last day of our SOP with the boys in Manila Boys Town. The three weeks that I have been with my brother, Marvin Julia was a very inspiring experience for me. This last week, we basically prepared a program for the kids and also a meal for them containing: spaghetti, chicken lollipops and ice cream. The program that was prepared by our class was a dance tutorial care of Lihai and Perci. The song played was Teach Me How To Dougie, and I was surprised to learn that some of the kids knew how to dance the “dougie”.  Marvin was a very good dancer for his age; the ate even asked him to stay in front so that the other kids could follow him. After dancing, we sat down and we prepared the food that was to be given to them. After preparation, we served the food to them and they felt really happy since chicken was one of their favorite foods to eat. After eating, we said our parting words to our brothers, and Percival had parting words to say. The last thing I said to my brother was that: “Sige aalis na ako. Masaya kana kasama nitong tatlong linggo magkakasama tayo. Huwag mo ako kalimutan dahli hindi kita makakalimutan. Lagi mong aalahanin na huwag sumuko sa kahit anong hadlang sa buhay. Paalam, Marvin!” He asked me if I could give him a kite, and I am currently trying my best to give that to him.  

Sometimes, people say that last words are overrated, but they indeed are not. They are important because these are what we will remember all our lives. In the end, I hope that I made a difference to Marvin’s life, my “little brother”.


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