Make-Up SOP

This saturday was my time for a make-up SOP with a family in Payatas Quezon City. When I arrived there, I was surprised to see that there were many people there to greet us and say hello. After sometime, we were assigned our families, and I ended up with Ate Josie. Ate Josie and her family were quite a shy family since her kids didn’t talk that much and I ended up just talking with her almost the whole time. Her husband was outside doing some chores and her panganay was in school, so I didn’t get to meet him. So what I basically did was to help her with her chores like cleaning the dishes and help her cook. It was a long time since I was able to wash the dishes so it was a very humbling experience. After washing the dishes, she offered me some fresh buko, and it tasted really good! Here in Manila, you don’t really see fresh buko and it was a new sight for me to see some and taste some. They had to get it up from the tree and bring it down for us to eat and drink. After this, we prepared food for lunch and it was a very nice lunch. We had some sinigang, the KFC I brought, and rice. After eating, we washed the dishes again and just watched ASAP in the TV. After watching, it was already 11:30 so I already had to go home. I said good bye to my family and told them that it was a humbling experience for me, and I learned a lot. I learned that the poor wasn’t always what I expected and that we should not quickly judged others just basing it from the general perception of the society that we live in. 


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