TOK: Fallacies

After studying the RH bill’s contents, I fully believe that this should have no place in our country. Its use of “reproductive health” is just a mask; its real purpose is to indoctrinate the youth to the idea of population control through contraceptives. And if passed, the RH bill will be a threat to the health of mothers and children: Studies show countless harmful side effects of contraceptives.

This was written by a student reacting to the article: “RH bill foes face the wrath of student groups.” (Inquirer, 3/23/12). 

The fallacy committed here would be hasty generalization. This is because his basis for believing that the RH Bill should not be passed is just based on “studies”, as mentioned by the writer; these “studies” are obviously anti-RH Bill and are one-sided.  He also based his decision by “studying the contents of the RH Bill”, which if taken into context is only one person! His generalization that the RH Bill should not be passed is only based on a too few cases (studies that were not mentioned and by studying the RH Bill himself), therefore does not present a strong argument.


Article posted on: April 11th, 2012; Wednesday


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