Chemistry: Dihydrogen Monoxide

A couple of years ago, my dad asked me if I knew about dihydrogen monoxide and obviously I said: “No!” He answered me and said that it was basically water. At first my reaction was like: “What? That’s water? Isn’t it H2O?”, and then I realized that water had two hydrogen atoms (thus “di”) and one oxygen atom bonded together covalently.

After reading the article from:, I could say that I agree with what the site has said, though not all of it. One fact that I do not agree with is that it actually improves marriages. Water is essential for al people in the world and I don’t see how it can improve marriages. Another fact is that I did not find any scientific research or article in the internet supporting this “fact”, therefore I am not convinced that this is true. The reason why some people may think that this isn’t true is because they do not know that dihydrogen monoxide is water. If they knew it was water, then they would eventually agree with what the site says.

An example would be:

1. Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes.

  • When cars are exposed to water, the brakes do not work as well as they should. This is why when it is raining (and the road is wet), drivers drive more slowly because the breaks of the car are not as effective when the road is dry.
  • Another reason for this is because brakes work efficiently at certain temperatures and when exposed to water the temperature changes and thus the effectiveness of the brakes are affected as well.

2. by kids who play Beyblades

  • This is actually true. A couple of years ago, Beyblade was a really popular toy for kids aged 8-10 years old. I used to play Beyblade and it would be really tiring. I would drink water to cool off and sometimes use water to clean my Beyblade or wet the floor to make the match more interesting!

Those are just some of the facts that are true. For the last aspect, a fact that I found exaggerated would be the Dihydrogen Monoxide overdose, specifically the symptom: excessive urination. This is because when you drink a lot of water, your body sometimes does not need the excess water that enters the body therefore secretes it as urine. If you drink a lot of water, and you are not doing that much physical activity, it is expected that you are going to urinate a lot.






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