S’mores Experiment

In this experiment, I believe that there was a relationship between the masses of the reactants and the mass itself. This is because when each reactant is weighed and summed up, the sum is the same for the s’more itself. Therefore, whatever the total mass of the reactants are, that is also the total mass of the s’more itself once it is done being made. 


In our situation, the limiting reactant was the chocolate because we only had 1 bar of chocolate that we can use. Once the chocolate is all used up, then we could not make any more s’mores. Based on our estimation, the only amount of s’mores we can make is around 20. 


The excess reactants we had were the marshmallows and the graham crackers. One marshmallow weighed around 1.35 grams, while the graham crackers weighed around 4 grams per small square


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