SOP Day #1 Reflection

For this SOP, I actually chose going to Ephpheta Community, to serve the blind.During the first day, me and my family just sat down and talked about different things such as the community and their lives. Since they finished all the house work, I didn’t do much at all After the first day of SOP, I learned a lot of things. I learned that each family in that community had at least one family member that had visual impairment. I also learned that I am very lucky to be able to see clearly. Comparing my lives to the other people, I am very lucky and I will always pray to God to help me live a healthy life. Third, I learned that life for the blind was not at all bad since they were able to work even if they had disability. The blind would go to Project 4 and sweep all the roads so that they will be made clean. Fourth, I learned that everybody there in the community knew each other; it was like the province. Since everybody knew each other, they were like family. Comparing it to our lives, we would be lucky enough to meet our neighbors since we don’t have much time to meet and talk with them. Lastly, I learned that I should learn to become more thankful and less complacent about my life. They have to wake up at 4am and finish all chores so that they can work and earn a living, while we can wake up at 6am and just go to school and have less worries in life compared to them. I guess what my parents always said was true: appreciate everything God gives you, since you never know the real value of things until you lose them. I have to appreciate the little things in life.


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