SOP Day #3 Reflection

For this week’s SOP, the mother wasn’t there in the house because she had to attend a meeting in another place, therefore it was only me and the dad (of the kid). Since it was all boys, I asked him if he could show me around, and luckily he said yes. We walked around the vicinity and he told me about the community in Ephpheta. Passing by one of the houses, we decided to stop and my fellow Xaverian, Paul, was there cooking some food. It seemed interesting that he was cooking food, so I decided that I would help him out and his family agreed to. Cooking in that situation was a new experience for me because I would only cook egg/instant noodles at home, but there we deep fried chicken heads and small shrimp. After cooking, we went down to the basketball court to shoot some hoops and that’s basically what we did for the rest of the hours.  Me, CJ, and Theo would go against the locals of the area and battle it out. In the end, we lost in the two games we played since they were really good and we were getting a bit tired. Overall, I believe that this week’s SOP was one of the most fun I had. I learned that the local Filipinos were really good in playing basketball (especially performing trick shots) and that they were good sportsman as well. I hope we can play against each other some other time.


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