Thoughts on Pascal’s Wager…

After initially reading Pascal’s wager, I did not understand the message he was trying to convey. I was even quite surprised that a person known for being a mathematician switches to study Philosophy and create such works. However, after more thought, I believe that he is basically saying that the people have to make a choice: to believe or not to believe in God. Furthermore, he also states that one does not lose anything, regardless of the decision one makes. In the end, Pascal’s view is a rather evaluative one. In my opinion, I somewhat believe that there are some advantages when one believes in God, and some disadvantages when one doesn’t, which is contrary to what Pascal is saying. However, one of the claims he made that intrigues me is that Christians cannot justify or give a reason for their belief in God. It intrigues me because every choice we make has a reason behind it, therefore if one decides to become a Christian, then there should be a reason.


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